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July 2015


Mondays are the worst

Like most people in this world, I cannot stand Mondays. To ease the pain of Monday, I usually like to make myself a nice little breakfast (some cereal and coffee today) and spend a few minutes reading articles, blog posts, and stories that make the day less miserable. Here are some great reads if you are feeling down today. Do you find male forearms attractive? I do. My friends always thought I was weird but thanks to this BuzzFeed I discovered that…

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book review

I’m thankful I can spend today with my book and moscow mule.

I have been hearing rumble in the nerd community about how great the first book in the Tearling Trilogy was. Heck, The Queen of the Tearling was so good Emma Watson is planning to produce and star in the film adaptation. I’m a big enough nerd that if Hermione Granger tells me it’s a good book, I’m going to believe her. So I finally gave in and bought myself a copy. Let me tell you, by page 2 I was…

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Water is powerful, but deadly force.

Photo by WKYT’s Sean Moody It has been a rough week in Eastern Kentucky. Nearby Johnson County had absolutely devastating flooding. Entire homes swept away in flood waters, in the truest form of flash floods. The waves crashed in with nearly no notice. People lost their belongings, their homes, and some lost their lives. It is nothing short of a tragedy in this community. As of right now, four have been confirmed dead, with others still missing. We are working…

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Brunch,inspiration,new adventures

Love yourself

It’s the little things that make life spectacular. A perfectly made cup of coffee, the perfect ladies brunch, dinner with your friends, a good book, and new adventures are what make life perfect. I’m embracing saying “Yes” today and going to dirt track races with a co-worker. I haven’t gone to dirt track races since I was a kid. Funny enough, when I told my parents that I was going they were extremely jealous. My dad is why I have…

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