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August 2015


What would you want people to say at your funeral?

I’m currently reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. One of the ways that I am trying to internalize the lessons that I am learning is to actually answer the questions, not just thinking about them. One of the questions was to imagine you are at your funeral and there will be four speakers: a member of your family, a friend, a co-worker, and a member of a community organization that you belong to. I would want my Mom…

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Dream. Try. Do Good.

My friends and I have been talking about positive thinking recently. Honestly, I am not a very positive person. Just the opposite, in fact, I am quite the pessimist. But recently I have realized that I need to change that. Being a pessimist stresses me out. I have a million things in this world that I need to be thankful for and a million other ways I can make this world a brighter place. So my resolution is to stop…

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Choose your path

I’m over weight. It’s something I have struggled with most of my life. It has never really affected me in a self esteem kind of way. I am generally happy, outgoing and sort of a bouncing off the wall social butterfly. I did, however, have anxiety about exercising and working out. I was embarrassed that because of my current size, I was unable to work out like my friends. I was unable to easily take a run or do a…

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