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December 2015


New Year’s Resolutions

Typically, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I decided to change that. I have problems with work/life balance and focusing on myself so I want to find a way to find that balance. I’m not focusing on a specific amount of weight I want to lose. Instead, I’m focusing on making a lifestyle change. I think all of us want to live a happier, fuller life and I’m about to make that happen this year. So bring…

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That Neil Gaiman quote really sums up exactly why books are so important to me. I am a self proclaimed nerd, library card and all. I love to read, but sometimes I convince myself that I don’t have the time to read. That  is a lie I tell myself, and I am going to stop lying to myself. I love reading. I love entering a new world and learning about it as I learn about the characters. I love flawed…

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There are many times that I set my mind to something and I work hard towards that goal and I just fall short. That typically results in tears and frustration and some yelling. Then something amazing happens. Once I calm down I can usually figure out what I did wrong. I can figure out how to fix it. And finally, FINALLY, I can reach that goal. I can reach that goal because once I understand all of the equations that…

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Meet Remington.

This little pipsqueak is my new fur baby, Remington. He is a miniature dachshund and the happiest addition to my life. He is a my very own cuddle buddy. He has two settings, asleep and demon. When he is in demon mode, he runs around like a little Tasmanian Devil. He does laps around my couch and attacks anything that happens to still be on the floor. Truthfully, I don’t know where he gets the energy. I am very lucky…

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