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April 2016


Be inspired.

Get your ass up and start living your life. It’s so easy to fall into the habit of coming home after a day of work and crawling on the couch to binge some Netflix. I’ve been guilty of it. Every once in a while I need to remind myself that I only have one life and I want to fit as much awesomeness into that life as possible. So travel, try an art class, try a new workout, meet new…

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I am a proud Rotarian.

In honor of National Volunteer Week this week, I wanted to talk about Rotary International and why I am a Rotarian. There tends to be this misconception with millenials that service clubs are for old people.  Unfortunately, those same people think that we, millenials, don’t have civic pride and don’t care about volunteer work. A year ago, I would have laughed in someone’s face if they told me I would be a Rotarian. “Why on earth would I join Rotary…

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