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June 2016


Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite

I’ll be honest. I talk a lot of crap about stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing things that make you happy. When it comes down to it though, I spend a lot of time doing crap I don’t want to do and saying no to new experiences. Well that girl is going out the door. Sure I’m still going to have to do that whole work thing, and that other studying thing, but I’m making some changes. Life…

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Life lately…

Life has been a whirlwind this year. About three days in my coworkers and I decided we wanted a do over. Unfortunately, it is now June and I don’t think that do over will be happening. In light of the space time continuum not bending to my will I have decided to highlight some of the good things that have happened to me this year. I’m going to focus on the good and take some active efforts toward living that…

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