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Weekend Reading June 30


Alright, guys, we are heading into an almost holiday weekend: two days off, one day of work and another day off. Would I rather have a three day weekend? Sure. Am I going to complain about having an extra day off to relax? Never. So here are some things I’ve been reading that may help you on this almost holiday weekend. I’ve been traveling the past few weeks for work and pleasure. I keep attempting to be healthy, but it’s…

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My Ultimate Summer Bucket List


I was pretty proud of how many things I checked off of my Spring Bucket List, so I decided to create one for the summer. There are a couple that I may not make it to, but these are the things that I would define as the perfect summer. So excited for that solar eclipse!!…

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How I plan my week using my Day Designer.

Every Sunday, like clockwork, I sit down at my desk or on my couch, or in my bed and I plan out my week. Planning out my week is such an important part of my weekend. It helps me de-stress and gives me an overview of what is in store for my week. I thought I would give you a peak at my planner and my process. Keep in mind this is not how I goal plan or anything of…

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The Foxe and the Hound by R.S. Grey

Foxe and the Hound cover

  Disclaimer: I was kindly provided an Advanced Reader Copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. My Review There are not words to explain how freaking excited I was to read this book. It is a stand-alone book but is in the same family as R.S. Grey’s Anything You Can Do. I loved Anything You Can Do. I thought it was fantastic, and one of my favorite parts was the character, Madeleine.…

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weekend reading

Weekend Reading


I intend for my weekend to look a lot like this picture. I’m spending the weekend burying myself in bar prep and reading Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. I haven’t had the time to fully dedicate myself to that book, and I know it deserves my attention. If you’re looking for some distractions while running errands, here are some of my favorite reads from this week! I keep promising that I will talk about my planner and my planning methods,…

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