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My Happiness Project


Like I said in my Happy 2018 post, I plan to do start My Happiness Project in order to take back control of my life. I want to start living a proactive life. The best way I can think to do that is making sure that each month I focus on something that will help me grow. The only thing that I am doing that is a bit weird is that I am spending both January and February on the…

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Happy 2018!


Happy 2018! This past year has not been a fabulous one for me. Not that anything particularly bad happened. Nothing like the great ankle break of 2016. However, it really felt like I stopped living the life I wanted to create. I let myself become a reactionary. I just went along for the ride and struggled to make plans and decisions in my life. I’m done sitting in the back seat for my life. “I’d rather die on an adventure than…

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My Bag Must Haves

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while. I love when people post “What’s in my bag?” blogs and vlogs, because, frankly, I’m nosy. I also sometimes get ideas of things that I’ve needed from time to time, but never thought to throw in there. Typically I carry a large tote bag to work, because I have files and notepads and pens that I need to take with me to the jail. It is just easier to have a…

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Wednesday Inspiration

This is one of those posts that I think is pretty self-explanatory. It is kind of my mind set on most days. I am a public defender so I speak in open court advocating for my clients quite often. I lose all the time. I try not to make assumptions about anyone, be it my client, a police officer, or the situation. I work as hard as I can every single day to help make a difference, in the courtroom…

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Be inspired.

Get your ass up and start living your life. It’s so easy to fall into the habit of coming home after a day of work and crawling on the couch to binge some Netflix. I’ve been guilty of it. Every once in a while I need to remind myself that I only have one life and I want to fit as much awesomeness into that life as possible. So travel, try an art class, try a new workout, meet new…

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