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Wandering plans


I have a lot wandering to look forward to over the next few months. It has been a really long time since I have been able to travel this much. I really haven’t been living up to my blog name. August In August, I drive back to my hometown for my best friend, Marcie’s bridal shower. Luckily, I will also get to celebrate my birthday while I’m home with my family and friends. It has been a few years since…

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Wednesday Inspiration

This is one of those posts that I think is pretty self-explanatory. It is kind of my mind set on most days. I am a public defender so I speak in open court advocating for my clients quite often. I lose all the time. I try not to make assumptions about anyone, be it my client, a police officer, or the situation. I work as hard as I can every single day to help make a difference, in the courtroom…

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Love yourself

It’s the little things that make life spectacular. A perfectly made cup of coffee, the perfect ladies brunch, dinner with your friends, a good book, and new adventures are what make life perfect. I’m embracing saying “Yes” today and going to dirt track races with a co-worker. I haven’t gone to dirt track races since I was a kid. Funny enough, when I told my parents that I was going they were extremely jealous. My dad is why I have…

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