Happy December

Happy December. It’s never too late to be that person. The person who busts their ass to accomplish every thing that is important to them. To love those around you and be there to support them in their dreams. Be the person that people want to join in a battle. The person who is going to change the world. It’s December 1, this time next week I may be out of this godforsaken boot. If I am, there are a lot of changes in order, but mostly it is taking risks. If there is one thing this broken ankle has taught me, it’s that you never know when you are going to be forced to miss one of your best friend’s weddings and basically be forced to become a homebody for three months. I’ve gone stir crazy countless times, and when I get the chance to step out of this apartment in a pair of matching shoes, I am going to be a badass. Usually people wait till the New Year to make resolutions, but December 1 looks like a new me. Be honest, be kind, be supportive, be strong but most of all be yourself.

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