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I’m thankful I can spend today with my book and moscow mule.

I have been hearing rumble in the nerd community about how great the first book in the Tearling Trilogy was. Heck, The Queen of the Tearling was so good Emma Watson is planning to produce and star in the film adaptation. I’m a big enough nerd that if Hermione Granger tells me it’s a good book, I’m going to believe her. So I finally gave in and bought myself a copy. Let me tell you, by page 2 I was hooked. I’m not even halfway through and I’m already disappointed that I didn’t buy the second book in advance and that no one knows when the third will be out.

It is a bit of a coming of age dystopian story about a young girl, Kelsea, becoming the Queen of her country. A country that has gone off the rails, where the rich get richer and the poor are ignored. Her mother was queen before her and signed a treaty to end a war. She does not know much about her mother, as those who kept her in hiding were sworn to not tell Kelsea much of the Queen rule. I know the whole thing sounds as though you’ve heard the story before. Young girl not so sure of herself ascends great power and changes the world in just three books! What is different is the detail and the character development. To me the character development is the mark of a good book. Kelsea is a plain girl, but she is cunning, fierce, and cares for the people that she will rule. As I read the book, Kelsea’s strength and sense of humor pulled me in and I could not stop turning the page to see what happened next.

I have so many questions already, and I fear it will take until the third book to have all of them answered. (Another hallmark for  a good book, even if it does drive me absolutely BONKERS!)

I’m so excited to finish this book I could hardly put it down to write this post!

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