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my December TBR-good omens-ruin-and-rising-a wrinkle in time-the twelve days of Dash and lily-tea

I wanted my December TBR to capture exactly how December feels to me. As we are closing out the year, I thought it may be apt to close out a couple of series that I have yet to finish.  Also, I really wanted to include at least one reread and one holiday-themed book. All of these books are smack dab in my favorite genres. They make me want to curl up under a blanket with a mug of hot cocoa (or tea or coffee) and read for hours.

December-TBR-good omens-ruin-and-rising-a wrinkle in time-the twelve days of Dash and lily-tea

Ruin and Rising (Grisha Trilogy #3)

First, I will finish Ruin and Rising today. I love the Grisha Trilogy. Honestly, I bought it after seeing it all over #bookstagram. It did not disappoint. It is the story of a girl who thought she was extremely ordinary. When she learns that she is actually extraordinary it is a lot to take in. I’m a little leery of the love triangle (quadrangle?), and I’m not quite sure which suitor I am rooting for. However, I really love the Russian influences and Bardugo’s take on magic. I’m excited to see how this trilogy comes to an epic conclusion. Hopefully, it doesn’t emotionally rock me to my core.

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A Wrinkle in Time

Simultaneous to Ruin and Rising, I am also re-reading A Wrinkle in Time. As most of you know, A Wrinkle in Time is being made into a star-studded movie. Personally, I am both excited and terrified. Excited because I cannot wait to see this beautiful story brought to life on the big screen. Terrified because, “Please, please, please don’t ruin this for me Hollywood.”

I first read A Wrinkle in Time when I was in fifth or sixth grade. My grandma, a retired science teacher, lent me her battered copy. I still have that copy. The binding is broken and the pages are falling out, but I will never part with it. Madeleine L’Engle was one of my heroes as a child. I read nearly all of her books, but nothing enchanted me quite like the Time Quartet. This consists of A Wrinkle in Time, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, A Wind in the Door, and An Acceptable Time.

A Wrinkle in Time tells the story of Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin and their journey to rescue Meg and Charles’s dad. It is also about astrophysics, string theory, and otherworldly beings. L’Engle creates a heroine who is awkward, not good in school, a genius at science and math, and doesn’t have any friends. Keep in mind, A Wrinkle in Time was published in 1962, when we weren’t really pushing women toward STEM careers. I could rave all day about my love for these books, and perhaps I will another time, but for right now I’ll just say that re-reading these books may be my new happy place.

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The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily


I am dedicating a few days to The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily. I quite liked Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares when I read it a few years ago. The concept of opening a book in a bookstore and finding a dare from some handsome stranger is a dream come true for a nerd like me. Twelve Days is the feel-good holiday book that I need around Christmas time. I plan on taking it home with me for the few days I am at my parents.

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Good Omens

Good Omens is coming to the small screen, and I for one need to read it before that happens. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, “I love Neil Gaiman.” He is one of my favorite authors. His books are moody, full of dark humor, and imperfect characters. Slowly but surely, I am making my way through his entire catalog. Good Omens is next up to the plate. Terry Pratchett co-authored the book, while I have never read his work it is on my to-do list. If I love Good Omens, Pratchett may move higher on the list. The book tells the story of the End of Times, one plotline following an Angel and Demon working together to prevent the End, because they like their lives.

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Alright, that is my plan for December. I kept it light because there are a few books being released this month that I may get slotted in between these,  Roomies by Christina Lauren, Love, Life and the List by Kasie West, and The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library #4) by Genevieve Cogman.  Also, I really need to read The Fate of the Tearling, but I keep setting it aside. Keep your fingers crossed I finish it before NEXT December. What are you reading this month?

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