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Weekend Reading 01.20.2018



It is supposed to get super cold down here in Kentucky. Typically I don’t mind a little cold but apparently, it is also supposed to snow. I hate snow. There is no world in which I will ever like snow. It causes me to fall way too easily. So since it will be cold and all around bleh, I thought I would put together some weekend reading. I intend to spend my entire weekend finally catching up on some books in my TBR pile.

Here are some articles, posts, blogs, and books you may want to check out on this blustery weekend.

I cannot wait to try this recipe for Kung Pao Zoodles this weekend from SkinnyTaste.  I have both of the cookbooks that Gina has published and I follow her blog and Instagram religiously. She has so many healthy, but delicious recipes. I cannot get enough.

This BuzzFeed article about T.J. Maxx had me in tears. It was just too real. I, like most humans, have a love/hate relationship with T.J. Maxx. I love it, but my bank account HATES it.

Ok, all I’ve been hearing about is BitCoins and cryptocurrency. I sat down with a friend of mine and said, “Teach me all about this cryptocurrency nonsense.” It quickly became clear that I also didn’t understand how regular currency works, so he had to start at square one. If you are a beginner like me, check out this article. It provides a nice overview of what exactly cryptocurrency is. Then, once you understand what you would be investing in, read this article about some up and coming currencies. It’s by Betches, so even if you still don’t understand what they are saying, at least they are funny.

Since we are still at the beginning of the year, check out this article about the only resolutions you need to make in 2018. While I have a few extras, I think the resolutions in this article are the general broad principles that my resolutions fall under.

I really loved this Everygirl article about making the week easier. I have been trying to use my Sundays to do some planning and prep. It really sucks to not spend Sunday lazing about, but in the end putting in a little time on Sunday tends to make the rest of the week run smooth. Plus you don’t have to do everything. I like to do enough that I can make it through the week just a little less stressed.

I found this list/post on ThoughtCatalog and thought I was going to cry I was laughing so flipping hard: 50 Dirty Jokes that are (Never Appropriate but) Always Funny. Warning: they are seriously inappropriate, do not read if work monitors your computer…or if your mom checks your browser history.

Finally, if you’re wondering what I’m reading these days, I have been finishing up The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. I’m also going to be reading Bad for You by J. Daniels. The review for Bad for You will be up January 24. Designing Your Life will also get a little love this weekend because I’m trying to do a little personal development reading every week.

I hope you keep safe and warm this weekend!

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