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Weekend Reading

It’s been a bit since I last posted. I should start posting more frequently in the coming weeks, now that I’m almost done with the bar exam. I thought I would put together a compilation of weekend reading for you all. So here are the things I’ve been reading and loving recently from all over the interwebs.

12 Things that Happen When You Say Yes More–I recently talked about how I’ve decided to say yes more. Here are 12 things that change when you start this journey. I already have noticed a change in some of these.

Top 10 AirBnB Rentals in Europe under $200–I love to travel. There is no part of my being that doesn’t feel completely alive when travelling. I’m constantly trying to get myself abroad again and hopefully I’ll be able to utilize this list of affordable rentals in the near future.

Handwriting Porn–I’ll be honest, interesting handwriting is something I found out of this world fascinating. This post had me out of this world inspired and a little bit excited…

Easy DIY Orb–I can’t wait to do this easy peasy DIY orb. I am obsessed with the wooden and metal orbs sold at various home decor stores, but I certainly can’t drop the pretty penny that they want from me. Enter this DIY. I can’t wait to get these made. I’ll share the results as soon as I’m done!

Bourbon Drinkers Do It Better–Living in Kentucky has really encouraged and nurtured my love for bourbon. This article is all about why each of you should fall in love with a bourbon drinker.

photo credit: barbara kingsolver and coffee at pix via photopin (license)

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