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Weekend Reading June 30



Alright, guys, we are heading into an almost holiday weekend: two days off, one day of work and another day off. Would I rather have a three day weekend? Sure. Am I going to complain about having an extra day off to relax? Never. So here are some things I’ve been reading that may help you on this almost holiday weekend.

I’ve been traveling the past few weeks for work and pleasure. I keep attempting to be healthy, but it’s very hard when I’m not at home to keep to up with my routine. When you don’t have a kitchen to cook in, or your gym to work out in it gets really easy to just say, “Oh screw it, I’ll try again next week.”  This article outlines some great tips for staying healthy while being on the road.

Speaking of being healthy, here is a fantastic list of things to keep in your freezer so that you can easily make a healthy meal after a long ass day at the office. I don’t know how many time I come home from work and I have so many potentially healthy meals available, but the concept of cooking just seems exhausting. Instead of cooking, I order a pizza and just veg out. I’m trying to break that habit though, so I will definitely be stocking up on some of these things.

I think we all have those moments where we are convinced that we are total failures at being adults. Great news, this article will make you feel a lot better because these people are way worse than you.

Fourth of July is coming up on Tuesday, here are some patriotic cocktails to help you celebrate America!

28 is right around the corner for me. I swear every birthday after 21 is just more and more depressing. I found this amazing list of 28 things to do before you turn 28. I’m not going to get a chance to cross them all off of the list, but as long as I’ve put a dent in it, I’ll feel pretty accomplished.


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