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May 2017

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Weekend Reading

This week didn’t get off to a great start for me. I was sick at the beginning of the week. I don’t know if it was allergies, a summer cold, or some sort of sinus issue, but most of last weekend and Monday I was straight up miserable. Tuesday wasn’t too great either, sometimes it feels like if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. But I went to bed Tuesday determined to enjoy the rest of the week.…

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book review

American Gods

After way too many years, I have FINALLY finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Now let me explain: I took an awfully long time reading it not because it was bad or in any way deficient, but because it is a book that can be savored. There is a lot in this book. The main story, a few subplots, short stories woven into the overall tale. It is a lot to absorb. What’s most notable, for me at least, is…

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Try something new.

Step outside of your comfort zone today. Try something new: a workout, a food, a genre of book you’ve never read before. See what you look like with a bold lip. Say hello to that person you’ve been checking out in the coffeeshop. Start a blog, take a painting class, whatever it is, just do it. You only get one life, make the most of it. It is hard to step outside of your comfort zone, but when you do…

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My Bag Must Haves

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while. I love when people post “What’s in my bag?” blogs and vlogs, because, frankly, I’m nosy. I also sometimes get ideas of things that I’ve needed from time to time, but never thought to throw in there. Typically I carry a large tote bag to work, because I have files and notepads and pens that I need to take with me to the jail. It is just easier to have a…

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