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Some weekend reading…

If you follow me on Instagram (@northcoastwanderer), you know that I broke my ankle over Labor Day weekend last month. It was a pretty bad. I had a high and long fracture on my fibula and sheared of a hunk of my tibia. It was also dislocated for a while so the ligaments had started to separate. Long story short, one surgery and six weeks on a scooter later, I still can’t put any weight on my right leg. I’ve had to rely on others a lot, something I’m not so good at doing. I’ve been working, but if I am not at work, I am pretty much confined to my couch or my bed with my leg elevated. I’ve been doing a lot of netflixing and reading so I thought I would share some stuff that I have stumbled across…

Are you a Harry Potter junkie? Me too! Here is a great list of books that an adult Harry Potter lover should start reading right now!

I’m officially in my late twenties and I can honestly admit that most of the time, my life is a hot mess. Here is a list that honestly made me feel so much better about my shitstorm tendencies, because you know what? Despite my broken ankle, disastrous adventures and all around craziness, I know I’m still doing pretty good at this whole #adulting thing.

I have had a serious case of wanderlust since I finished this book.  So I am looking forward to planning a trip in the near future and trying to set up a European adventure in the next couple of years. I will be using all of the ideas on this list to make sure my trips are as affordable as possible.

And if you aren’t quite wanderlusting yet… just take a quick scroll through this list and tell me that you don’t want to travel. I dare you.

Ever wonder why creative types tend to head to cafes to work? I know I spent most of my three years of law school in Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland. Any time I’m trying to work on this blog I have to turn on a record, brew some coffee and visualize that place. That’s because the creative mind actually does work better in cafes. Read all about why here.

So while I have been personally victimized by this year (broken ankles, failed exams, love lost, student loan payments, the 2016 presidential election cycle) I am trying to stay on the hopeful side of things and see the bright side. While I’m laid up I have time to find all kinds of interesting internet reads, I’ve read some great books, and I’ve come up with some plans to save money and travel the world.

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